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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Welcome to my Blog OSgyan, Where I talk about Operating Systems, Linux, Open Source and more.....


My name is Rajat Pandita. I am an IT consultant by Profession. I work with a MNC here in India. I mostly work with Proprietary Technologies like Microsoft. Vmware Citrix  and AppSense Products etc.

My Job Profile is that of a Virtualization Consultant, mostly dealing with Microsoft, Citrix Vmware and AppSense Solutions. I work on solution design using these technologies. I provide solutions that virtualize  Servers, Desktops and Applications and also provide Secure access to them on any device.

That was a little introduction about myself. Since I have been using Proprietary software all along my career, Free Software and Open Source and especially GNU/Linux Interests me very much.

I have always been fascinated about how something so Important could be so free?  Yes Free !!!. that is the magic of Open Source software and collaborative software development without any proprietary shackles.

I have been using Free and Open Source software around 5-6 years ago. I mostly use GNU/Linux and associated software. I use Arch Linux on my main Computer with the Latest Gnome Desktop Environment.

The reason I started this blog is to share my knowledge of Free and Open Source software and how it helps me in my Personal Computing needs. I am no software developer, I use Free software without having to pay a dime out of my pocket, the best thing I can do with my limited knowledge and capacity is to share my knowledge and help more people switch to GNU/Linux and FLOSS.

GNU/Linux not only is a great server operating system which runs on around 95% of Super Computers in the world, it also is a great desktop operating system.

In my blog I shall share all that I know about Operating Systems, GNU/Linux Open Source and more..

I am also starting a new You Tube channel with the same name OSgyan, to show some really cool stuff that can be done with Linux and FLOSS

I don't want to do reviews to begin with, I would like to start with Introduction to the FLOSS ecosystem and GNU/Linux.

I hope you enjoy my Upcoming articles!!!

Please do leave your comments and suggestions .

Thanks and once again Welcome to my Blog !!